Jumping for Social Justice Lotan participants in Israel Environmental Studies Program tending to their sustainable garden Kibbutz Volunteers on a trip to Jerusalem Kibbutz Ulpan students on a trip to a Bedouin village by way of camels Arava Semester Students

Kibbutz Ulpan

Kibbutz Ulpan students in Jerusalem on a tripUlpan - Immersive Hebrew Language Education on Kibbutz is one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to learn Hebrew. The concept of the ulpan was initiated soon after the creation of Israel in 1948 and continues to serve thousands of immigrants, students, travelers, and tourists from across the world.Learn more about Kibbutz Ulpan

Kibbutz Volunteering

Kibbutz Volunteers posing together.Volunteering on a kibbutz is a time-honored tradition that visitors from all over the world have experienced for more than six decades. Today, it is an ideal choice for anyone looking to spend some time away from home to become part of a type of community that only exists in Israel.Learn more about Kibbutz Volunteering

Build Your Own Israel Experience

iTrack participants in the Negev on a trip.Design your own experience in Israel by building your own personalized program with us! Learn Hebrew while adding any additional, customized element to your experience. For example, choose from professional or informal internships, academic and religious studies, and volunteer placements availableLearn more about Build Your Own Israel Experience

Tikkun Olam – Social Justice

KPC participants on a trip  in the Negev.Tikkun Olam means repairing the world. We believe that social justice work is the truest way of accomplishing this which is why we have so many programs devoted to this goal. The various approaches and opportunities of each program are somewhat different but each is unique, innovative in its own way, and focused onLearn more about Tikkun Olam – Social Justice

Creative Ecology & Environmental Studies

Lotan participants relaxing at the end of the day.Travel to communities throughout Israel’s Negev such as Kibbutz Lotan and the Arava Institute that are internationally recognized as some of the world’s most progressive and creative for ecology and environmental studies. Explore the connections between new forms of ecological identity, social justice, and community in Israel.Learn more about Creative Ecology & Environmental Studies

Coexistence & Arabic Study

Arava students brainstorming together as part of a study session.שָׁלוֹם עֲלֵיכֶם, السلام عليكم, and welcome! We invite you to spend your time in Israel – not only learning Hebrew and immersing yourself in Israeli life and culture but by learning Arabic and the history of the Middle East. You will work alongside and engage in dialogues with Jewish Israelis, Israeli-Arabs, and Bedouins who are striving for a just and lasting peace.Learn more about Coexistence & Arabic Study

Budokan - Martial Arts & Fitness

Budokan Israel Martial Arts and Fitness Program focuses on strengthening the mind, body, and spirit. With intensive training in Krav Maga, Judo, and Karate taught by world-class instructors, you will develop the well-rounded skill-set needed for success in martial arts and in life.Learn more about Budokan - Martial Arts & Fitness

Kibbutz Program Updates

    Budokan Israel is offering a limited promotion for participants who will register for our upcoming SUMMER SESSION. REGISTER NOW THROUGH FEBRUARY 1, 2015 -- AND RECEIVE A $500 discount! We look forward to training with you in Israel this summer! For more information contact our US office at laur. . .
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  • “Showing Solidarity” – On Being in Israel This Summer
    A fantastic and heartfelt radio interview featuring one of our Kibbutz Summer Ulpan participants about what it's like to be in Israel during the current conflict. Bravo Josh!     Here is the full story from www.wnyc.org New Jersey teenager Josh Cohen arrived in Israel to atte. . .
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  • An Update on Recent Events
    Hello Everyone, I have spoken to many of you individually but I wanted to publish a brief statement in light of recent events: There are currently no plans to close any of our programs. As for safety in general, not only are all of our Kibbutz Ulpan programs in a very safe parts of the coun. . .
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